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    Chicago Review

    A review from the Sun-Times by Bill Stamets:

    “In a Dream” is filmmaker Jeremiah Zagar’s documentary portrait of his father. Although the father scatters allusions to his muses and demons in his artworks, the son composes this poetic biopic with more legible through-lines about his passions. “In a Dream” reveals that Jeremiah inherited Isaiah’s aesthetic of delicacy. Both artists delight in small illuminating details.

    Instead of dwelling on his father’s career as an outsider artist, Zagar delivers an insider look into a past that includes boyhood sexual encounters with a fisherman, a suicide attempt and a stint in a mental hospital. Meanwhile, during the film’s six-year shoot, Zagar’s older brother goes into rehab. When their father reveals his infidelity, their mother kicks him out. “In a Dream” turns into a chronicle of a creative family in crisis.

    The film is still playing at the Gene Siskel Film Center. There are three days left! Go see it.

    One Response to “Chicago Review”

    1. Julie Bertoletti says:

      I studied film and this was one of the most delicious pieces of films I’v seen in a while. The Director of photography did his job magnificently. I write music and would love to compose a score for a film, so I really appreciated the perfect marriage of music with the tempo/editing of the film in tandem with the entire sensibility. Wish I could take my children and father to see it but alas it’s leaving Chicago tomorrow.
      Congratualtions to all who made this work of art, esp. the individuals it captured so sublimely. I look forward to seeing more work from you Jerimiah.

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