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    Seattle, WA + AMC Film Critic

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    In A Dream opens tomorrow at the Northwest Film Forum in Seattle, WA. It plays all week and you can purchase tickets right here.

    The film was also reviewed today by Norm Schrager from AMC Film Critic. An excerpt:

    Like any incisive documentary filmmaker, Jeremiah is able to record the difficult and extract the unexpected. It’s a skill tougher than it seems, and keeps both audience and subjects on their toes. During an early interview, Isaiah blurts out information about a suicide attempt from roughly 40 years earlier. When his son gently digs deeper, dad admits he didn’t expect such a grave fact would appear so early in the process.

    Zagar’s strong approach is coupled with that zinger of a visual style (including original animation, by the way), and some spooky music by a pair of innovative guys called The Books. The whole thing is an artistic celebration of sorts — with the emotional pain that can come with dedication, and maybe a little madness.

    Read the entire article.

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