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    The Nerve

    Jeremiah sat down recently with Sarah Clyne Sundberg from Nerve.com for an in-depth interview. Here’s an excerpt:

    What was it like to ask about your father’s sexuality?
    It was exciting. It is important to see your parents as human beings and an exciting process for a child to go through. Parts were terrifying. It is important to know that your parents are as fragile as you and that you can achieve what they can achieve. Or less. They are your strength and your weakness.

    Had you seen the old Super-8 footage before?
    I’d never seen any of it. My father said, “I have seventeen books of slides in the closet” or “I think there are a couple of movies about us from the ’70s that people made.” He has 40,000 square feet [of art] that people see every day. But he has warehouses full that no one will ever see. He has notebooks with drawings stacked up to the ceiling. I can’t even explain to you. There are stacks and stacks of rolls of paintings.

    Read the whole interview.

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