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    In A Dream begins its ever-expanding theatrical run next week at the Cinema Village in New York. It starts FRIDAY, APRIL 10TH and will be playing every day until the 16th, perhaps a week longer or more if demand is high enough.

    Tickets are on-sale now and we suggest you pre-purchase some today: 12:50p, 2:30p, 4:20p, 6:15p, 8:00p, 10:00p. We look forward to seeing you all there.

    In the meantime, 34th Street Magazine from the University of Pennsylvania recently profiled Isaiah Zagar in their March 19th issue. It’s a very enlightening article that offers some background on what you’ll see in the film.

    An excerpt:

    Philadelphia’s Magic Gardens sneaks up on you. Walking past 1020 South St., you understand that although “garden” might be a misnomer, you’re not sure what else to call the place. While the epicenter of the project is located here, the mosaic murals cover 33 city blocks with multicolored tiles, thousands of mirror shards, bricks, bicycle wheels and arches made of glass bottles the color of sapphires and Heineken. It’s overwhelming — at once obviously broken and yet perfectly assembled. Stand in the Gardens and you become Alice, falling down the rabbit hole in the phantasmagoric world of artist Isaiah Zagar’s creation.

    One Friday afternoon in February, Zagar is at a private residence at 627 Kamball St. doing grout work on a mural in the backyard. At first glance he comes off as a cross between Doc from Back to the Future and Allen Ginsberg circa 1969 — he’s got a wild beard, a reflective, rambling way of speaking and a tendency toward constant motion. For a man who is almost 70 years old, Zagar moves with surprising agility. He refuses to sit still for an interview.

    Read the rest and check back soon for part four in our series about In A Dream’s music.

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