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    Paints on Ceiling on Hulu

    The bulk of Paints on Ceiling comes from one of the first scenes we ever edited for In A Dream. The scene was ultimately cut from the final movie but the good folks at Cinelan invited us to refashion it into a standalone 3 minute film. Although it didn’t fit in the feature, we love it as an independent short film and hope you enjoy it as well.

    The music is “Getting the Done Job” by The Books.

    Paints on Ceiling was recently picked up by Hulu and we plan to include it late summer/early fall on the In A Dream DVD.

    In other In A Dream news,  you can catch the film at the following screenings in the next seven days or so:

    • UNC Chapel Hill
    • NC State University
    • Wisconsin Film Festival
    • Ashland Film Festival
    • Finger Lakes Environmental Film Festival

    Other opportunities to see the film are listed on the right hand side of this blog in the “Upcoming Screenings” box.

    P.S. The New York theatrical premiere at the Cinema Village is less than two weeks away. Come see the movie when it opens and RSVP. Thank you!

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