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    Jury Award for Best Documentary

    Salem Best of Fest

    In A Dream was awarded the jury prize last night for Best Documentary at the Salem Film Festival. From the press release:

    Zagar, who attended Emerson College, began shooting the film when he was 19 years old. Seven years later, it is a hauntingly beautiful glimpse at artistic genius and the toll it can take on the loved ones living within the art, as the family home is literally covered by azure blue tiles and mosaics.

    “The film offers viewers the rare opportunity to observe what makes a talented artist tick,” says Juror Jennifer Evans, Manager of Adult Public Programs at Peabody Essex Museum, “and to see what it means to live with someone so focused on his art. I found it inspiring and very well made. It probes into the essence of art, of madness, of family, sexuality and sexual abuse. The information isn’t forced on the viewer or manipulated for effect — it is just there. The film is honest, sometimes painfully so, and never tries to cover the most difficult truths.”

    “It is one of the best films about an artist that I have ever seen,” says Juror Kereth Cowe-Spigai, manager and film programmer at CinemaSalem. “It was beautifully shot and the editing was superb. If anything, the technical aspects put it over the top, as all our finalists were compelling stories.”

    The film is touring the festival circuit and dates are set for a theatrical release in the spring. For more information, visit http://www.inadreammovie.com

    A best of fest screening has been scheduled for this evening at 5:30pm.

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    1. gayle gari says:

      I love this movie. it is real, emotional, beautiful and entertaining. it is a work of art!!!

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