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    Austin Film Society Documentary Tour

    Julia & Isaiah Zagar from In A Dream

    Julia & Isaiah Zagar from "In A Dream"

    From the Austin Chronicle feature story Fractured Family Tales by Anne S. Lewis:

    When Jeremiah Zagar was a film student at Emerson College in 1999, his mom, Julia, suggested he make a film about his dad, Isaiah Zagar, the legendary Philadelphia mosaic artist who, since the late Sixties, has been chronicling the twists, turns, and quirks of his interior life on more than 50,000 feet of that city’s South Street walls. This seemed an excellent idea to Zagar fils, who at the time thought he knew the trajectory of a film about the artistically driven dad that he, Mom, and brother Ezekiel (biblical prophet namesakes all) loved and revered. Wrong. Dad’s story, it turns out, bore more a resemblance to his labyrinthine, Keith Haring-esque murals than his son had any reason to suspect.

    Read the rest and then come see the film @ The Alamo Ritz as part of the Austin Film Society Documentary Tour.

    Date & Time:
    Wednesday, December 17th @ 7:00pm

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