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    In A Dream @ Depot Docs

    November 20th, 2008

    In A Dream @ Depot Docs

    Come to Garrison, NY on friday night (November 21st) to see what all this Oscar Shortlist fuss is about. In A Dream will be screening as part of the Depot Docs series at 7:30pm in the Philipstown Depot Theatre.

    An excerpt from the local Putnam County News & Recorder review of the film:

    Watching Zagar’s visually stunning, emotionally charged film may leave you feeling like you have in fact been run over, not by a tank but by its hurricane force, slightly unhinged artistic equivalent, and you will undoubtedly have questions about what just hit you.

    The filmmaker has clearly inherited some of his father’s wild eye for color and the odd juxtapositions of disparate materials. Using a visually arresting mix of old home movies, animation derived from Isaiah’s art, collage, confident use of the camera whether still or in motion, hypnotic editing, and a wonderful soundtrack featuring music by Kelli Scarr and The Books, In A Dream perfectly mirrors the dream-like quality of his father’s life and art, while it unflinchingly witnesses the breakdown of his parents’ marriage and his brother’s coming to terms with his drug-addiction.

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    We Are Speechless

    November 18th, 2008

    From Shooting People.

    UPDATE: The Hollywood Reporter, IndieWIRE, IFC.com.

    Toronto / North Carolina

    November 12th, 2008


    Two more screenings are coming up this week for In A Dream. The first is tomorrow at the Rendezvous With Madness Film Festival in Toronto. From their website:

    Rendezvous with Madness is an annual film festival that presents features and shorts touching upon the facts and mythology surrounding mental health and addiction.

    Each program focuses on a different theme. Post-screening panel discussions involve filmmakers, artists and people with professional and personal experience with mental illness and addiction.

    Date/Time & Venue:
    Thursday, November 13th @ 1:00pm – The Workman Theater

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    Next is a showing at the Cucalorus Film Festival in Wilmington, North Carolina. It is a special honor since they were one of the few festivals to screen our first documentary, Delhi House, in 2003.

    The local ‘Alternative Weekly’ Encore Magazine chimes in with a review of the film.

    The footage began in 1999, originally intended to focus upon Isaiah’s art yet became more about his inspiration and his selfishness that threatened to diminish it.

    As the film begins, we see that Zagar’s inspiration comes from many places, but his wife has been his main muse since he can remember. Her face, body and name are etched into the walls of the city for all to see. This has been the way of his work for decades, but lately another woman has started to show up in his murals. Julia talks about how the family began to appear less and less in the work as Isaiah began focusing more on himself and becoming more isolated. “I just let it go,” she says, the insecurity thick in her voice.

    Read the rest of the review.

    Date/Time & Venue:
    Saturday, November 15th @ 1:00pm – The Lumina Theater

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    A Blog & An Award

    November 10th, 2008


    CNN’s entertainment blog The Screening Room commissioned us to post about our experience at the Sheffield Doc/Fest. An excerpt:

    The first screening went very well. After the film, there was time for a short Q&A.

    “How is your family doing?”
    “They’re good, thanks.”
    “Are they still totally crazy?”
    “Yeah, but in a good way…”

    Just after the screening we were approached by representatives from the UK label of two of the bands whose music we used in the film (Colleen and Efterklang). They loved the movie, and we love their music so we all get drunk together, talked and laughed and made toasts to the movie and to the festival and to America’s incredibly brilliant and handsome new president Barack Obama.

    Read the rest of the blog.

    In other news, In A Dream won the Audience Award for Best Feature at the San Francisco Docfest (AKA The San Francisco Int’l Documentary Festival). It’s been a great week!

    UPDATE: CNN replaced our blog with a brief write-up on the film and a link to watch the trailer.

    Sheffield Doc/Fest, Etc…

    November 4th, 2008

    In A Dream is scheduled to screen this week at the Sheffield Documentary Festival in England (AKA Doc/Fest). It will be the film’s International Premiere—in other words, it will mark In A Dream‘s first public showings outside the United States.

    Dates and times are as follows:

    Thursday, 11/6/08 @ 3:40pm (15:40) — Showroom 4
    Saturday, 11/8/08 @ 7:00pm (19:00) — Showroom 2

    Information on buying tickets is here and you can read more about this year’s festival in Variety.

    The film also screens this week in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware & Asheville, North Carolina. Details are available in the ‘Upcoming Screenings’ box on the right-hand side of the page.

    And finally, a review from San Francisco. A word of warning: it contains spoilers.