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    San Francisco Int’l Documentary Festival

    October 22nd, 2008

    In A Dream will be screening soon at the 7th Annual San Francisco DocFest. Michael Hawley previewed the festival and had this to say about the film:

    Youngest son Jeremiah is the film’s director, and he uses a number of effective devices—collage, animation and fluid camera movement—to exemplify the beauty of his father’s art. That familial connection is also the reason we get such a painfully honest accounting of both Zagar the artist and Zagar the man—particularly when during the film’s shoot, an indiscretion on Zagar’s part threatens to destroy his family from within. In a Dream is personal non-fiction filmmaking at its very best.

    There is more from the review here.

    Screening dates and times are below:

    Sunday, 10/26/08 @ 2:45pm — Roxie Cinema
    Tuesday, 10/28/08 @ 9:30pm — Roxie Cinema
    Sunday, 11/2/08 @ 2:45pm — Shattuck Cinema

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    Double Update: Efterklang / The Brooklyn Rail

    October 14th, 2008

    First is an official music video we did for the incredible Danish band Efterklang using deleted footage and alternate takes from In A Dream. The song is Cutting Ice To Snow and it’s off their album Parades. Hope you enjoy.

    UPDATE 10/15/08: The band is posting new videos and remixes every day as part of Efterklang Gift Week. This video was released on their site today (day three of five).

    See what the rest of the week brings.


    Second is an in-depth article on In A Dream, Rooftop Films, and the state of independent film in this month’s Brooklyn Rail. An excerpt:

    “When you decide you want to make movies, it’s either New York or L.A.,” Zagar explains. “Brooklyn has that spirit that we want to maintain in our approach.” Complete with its promenade, storied bridges, and vibrant communities in view of a booming city center, Brooklyn has long been synonymous with the arts. In recent years, the borough has emerged as a viable, sometimes preferred, location for independent cinema to make its mark with filmmakers and production companies cropping up throughout.

    Now 27-years-old, Zagar and producer Jeremy Yaches have been making films together since they were 15 years old, growing up in Philadelphia. Under the banner of Herzliya Films, they have joined the growing ranks of independent filmmakers at studios in DUMBO and Williamsburg.

    Read the whole thing.

    Paints on Ceiling in The Hamptons

    October 10th, 2008


    One of the first scenes we ever edited for In A Dream was about Isaiah Zagar’s genesis as an artist. It wound up getting cut from the final movie but the good folks at Cinelan invited us to refashion it into a standalone 3 minute film called Paints On Ceiling.

    It’s been shown at The Berlin Film Festival, Brit Doc, and we’re excited to announce it will be screening next week at the Hamptons Int’l Film Festival.

    Dates & Times:
    Thursday, 10/16 @ 7pm
    Friday, 10/17 @ 9pm

    Buy tickets.

    Still In Motion Rave

    October 8th, 2008

    A review from Woodstock:

    And then there’s Jeremiah Zagar’s In a Dream.  Hoo, boy.  Suffice to say I was still shedding pent-up tears on the bus ride back to New York.  This was the last film I saw at the fest on Sunday morning.  It had been announced the night before at the awards ceremony in Kingston that In a Dream had won an editing award for Zagar and Keiko Deguchi and won Best Documentary Feature.  Everyone I know who got to see this at SXSW (its festival debut), Full Frame or Philadelphia raved about it and the film hasn’t left a festival without a prize.  So expectations were high.  I wasn’t disappointed.  In fact, it packed such a wallop, I probably should wait some more to write about it coherently, but I’ll give it a go.

    Continue reading.

    In A Dream Wins @ Woodstock

    October 6th, 2008


    In A Dream walked away with a couple wins Saturday night at the Woodstock Film Festival awards ceremony. Some excerpts from the press release:

    (Woodstock, NY)—October 4th, 2007—The 2008 Woodstock Film Festival’s Maverick Awards ceremony was held Saturday night, Oct. 4th, with director Sean Baker’s PRINCE OF BROADWAY taking Best Feature Narrative and director Jeremiah Zagar’s IN A DREAM winning for Best Feature Documentary. More than 300 indie film movers and shakers attended the gala event, held at Backstage Productions in Kingston, NY just outside the Woodstock arts colony.

    Best Feature Documentary, IN A DREAM, quickly turns from a character study to an incredibly personal, powerful and stirring drama. It is an unparalleled visceral and emotional experience. Shot over the course of several years, Zagar’s film is the kind of brutally honest and often beautiful look at the tumultuous time in his parent’s marriage that only a son could have captured.

    The James Lyons Award for BEST EDITING of a FEATURE DOCUMENTARY went to IN A DREAM, Keiko Deguchi and Jeremiah Zagar, Editors.

    Read more about the festival here:

    All These Wonderful Things

    Doc It Out


    Intimacy Issues & Voyeurism

    October 2nd, 2008

    Jay Blotcher of Chronogram gives In A Dream a positive review in his Woodstock Film Festival rundown but that last line cuts deeeep.

    * IN A DREAM (dir. Jeremiah Zagar)—A visually powerful meditation on the price of freedom and the downside of artistic genius. Philadelphia demi-legend Isaiah Zagar channeled his manic creativity into numerous art forms, including mosaic coverings of seven buildings, inside and out. But a tenuous hold on reality, even during the laissez-faire ’60s, made life hard for his wife and children. Son Jeremiah showcases his father’s inner and outer worldviews through kinetic montages of his huge body of work. Here is a loving but unsparing psychological portrait of a family in decay that also exposes the intimacy issues of the voyeuristic director.

    Intrigued? Judge for yourself. Buy a ticket.