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    The Nerve

    April 8th, 2009

    Jeremiah sat down recently with Sarah Clyne Sundberg from Nerve.com for an in-depth interview. Here’s an excerpt:

    What was it like to ask about your father’s sexuality?
    It was exciting. It is important to see your parents as human beings and an exciting process for a child to go through. Parts were terrifying. It is important to know that your parents are as fragile as you and that you can achieve what they can achieve. Or less. They are your strength and your weakness.

    Had you seen the old Super-8 footage before?
    I’d never seen any of it. My father said, “I have seventeen books of slides in the closet” or “I think there are a couple of movies about us from the ’70s that people made.” He has 40,000 square feet [of art] that people see every day. But he has warehouses full that no one will ever see. He has notebooks with drawings stacked up to the ceiling. I can’t even explain to you. There are stacks and stacks of rolls of paintings.

    Read the whole interview.

    Explosions in the Sky – So Long, Lonesome

    April 6th, 2009


    Part four in a series of posts from Jeremiah Zagar about In A Dream’s music.

    In the spring of 2002 my friend Nathan Caswell and I were editing our short student film The Unbelievable Truth in the tiny bedroom of my Cambridge apartment. One of the most difficult scenes to cut was the first. In it, a father leaves his wife and child. Although the scene was incredibly heavy, it felt sparse and muddy. That is until we discovered Explosions in the Sky.

    Nate, who is one of the most brilliant filmmakers and editors I know, found out about the band on some underground music website and we were struck immediately by how utterly cinematic their music was. We put their song Remember Me As A Time of Day into the cut and it saved the film.

    The next night we showed the scene to my friend Mike Reich who starred in the movie and is an incredible filmmaker in his own right (watch his music videos, visit his site videothing).

    “That music is awesome. Who is it,” Mike asked.
    “They are a band from Austin called Explosions in the Sky.”
    “No way, dude, I think they’re playing a show across the street right now at TT and the Bears.”

    Nate and I rushed out of the house, bought tickets and caught the last two songs of one of the best shows I’ve ever seen. Just outside the club on our way home we spotted one of the guitarists sitting on the curb between a couple parked cars smoking a cigarette.

    “Your show was amazing,” I stammered.
    He turned around, looking sweaty and exhausted and muttered something like “thanks.”
    “We’re cutting your music to our movie.”
    “Cool, send us a copy when it’s done.”

    We did and since then I have used an Explosions in the Sky song in almost every film I’ve made including the song Memorial in Coney Island 1945, which was a short test project for In A Dream.

    So Long, Lonesome from In A Dream is off Explosions in the Sky’s latest album and is my personal favorite track on the record. It gives the movie the kind of emotional climax one rarely sees in documentaries and in many ways makes the film what it is.

    Buy Explosions in the Sky’s music.
    See them live.

    P.S. Special thanks goes to Jeremy from Temporary Residence Limited who has been an ally and supporter ever since we showed him Coney Island back in 2005.

    Paints on Ceiling on Hulu

    March 31st, 2009

    The bulk of Paints on Ceiling comes from one of the first scenes we ever edited for In A Dream. The scene was ultimately cut from the final movie but the good folks at Cinelan invited us to refashion it into a standalone 3 minute film. Although it didn’t fit in the feature, we love it as an independent short film and hope you enjoy it as well.

    The music is “Getting the Done Job” by The Books.

    Paints on Ceiling was recently picked up by Hulu and we plan to include it late summer/early fall on the In A Dream DVD.

    In other In A Dream news,  you can catch the film at the following screenings in the next seven days or so:

    • UNC Chapel Hill
    • NC State University
    • Wisconsin Film Festival
    • Ashland Film Festival
    • Finger Lakes Environmental Film Festival

    Other opportunities to see the film are listed on the right hand side of this blog in the “Upcoming Screenings” box.

    P.S. The New York theatrical premiere at the Cinema Village is less than two weeks away. Come see the movie when it opens and RSVP. Thank you!

    Salem, MA & Toronto

    February 24th, 2009

    Salem Film Festival

    In A Dream screens this Friday as part of the Mixed Greens year-round series, an off-shoot of the Planet in Focus Environmental Film Festival.

    It will be showing at the Gardiner Museum in Toronto.

    Mixed Greens Dates & Times:
    Friday, February 27th @ 6:45pm

    The film will also be screening this week and next at the Salem Film Festival in Salem, MA. Kristin D’Agostino from the Salem Gazette wrote about the film:
    When he first began shooting, Jeremiah Zagar, 27, intended to use his film camera as a means of getting to know his father Isaiah, famous in Philadelphia for creating breathtakingly unique mosaics on many of the city’s buildings.
    In the seven years it took to film “In a Dream,” Zagar got much more than he bargained for. The documentary, playing next week at the second annual Salem Film Fest, gives viewers an inside glimpse of Isaiah Zagar’s tortured mind, as his son uncovers secrets never before revealed to his family.

    Read the whole article.

    Salem Film Festival Dates & Times:
    Saturday, February 28th @ 9:30pm
    Wednesday, March 4th @ 7:45pm

    Buy Tickets!

    Theatrical Dates

    February 18th, 2009

    In A Dream is coming to theaters this spring via IndiePix & International Film Circuit. See the film on the big screen in the following cities:

    New York, NY
    The Cinema Village
    Starting Friday, April 10th

    Philadelphia, PA
    Landmark Ritz at the Bourse
    Starting Friday, April 17th

    San Francisco, CA
    The Roxie
    Starting Friday, April 17th

    Los Angeles, CA
    Laemmle Music Hall
    Starting Friday, April 24th

    Philadelphia Suburbs
    Ambler/County/Bryn Mawr Theaters
    May 4th, May 5th, May 7th

    Check back regularly. More cities and dates will be announced in the coming weeks and months. Hope to see you all there!

    Lives on Film

    February 13th, 2009

    In A Dream screens tonight and tomorrow afternoon at the Portland Int’l Film Festival. Emily Harris & David Miller of Oregon Public Radio spoke to Jeremiah Zagar about the film as well as to Agnes Varda, whose The Beaches of Agnes is also screening at the festival.

    The interviews are great and fortunately you can hear the whole show online. Give it a listen.

    Portland Int’l Film Festival Dates & Times:
    Friday, February 13th @ 6:15pm
    Saturday, February 14th @ 1:30pm

    Buy tickets.

    Industry Rags

    December 5th, 2008


    From Oscar Watch: Documentary, an article in The Hollywood Reporter about all of the shortlisted documentaries that are competing for this year’s Best Documentary Academy Award:

    Veteran cinematographer Ellen Kuras’ lyrical immigrant odyssey “The Betrayal — Nerakhoon” (the Cinema Guild) is a surprise inclusion, but nowhere near as major a surprise as Jeremiah Zagar’s intimate family memoir “In a Dream” (Herzliya Films), which has no distributor, has screened at only a few festivals and has scarcely been reviewed.

    Still, in taking a reporter’s call, Zagar affects none of Herzog’s detachment. “This proves that the committee watched all the films,” Zagar jokes, “because nobody’s ever heard of ours. Just seeing my name up there with Errol Morris and Werner Herzog, people I’ve worked my whole life to emulate — it’s wild. It’s a huge, huge honor.”

    They’re right about the shortlisting being a huge surprise but incorrect about the film’s alleged lack of distribution. In A Dream will air on HBO next summer and it will be released in theaters in the spring. Stay tuned for details…

    You can read the rest of the Hollywood Reporter article here. Or see what Variety has to say about the film.

    In other news, Pitchfork Media announced their picks for the Top 40 Music Videos of 2008 and our video for Efterklang’s Cutting Ice To Snow made that shortlist too.

    The video consists entirely of deleted footage and alternate takes from In A Dream. Enjoy: