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    In A Dream @ The Academy

    September 15th, 2009

    The Academy

    There’s a free screening coming up of In A Dream at the Linwood Dunn Theater on September 30th. The film is being shown as part of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences’ 28th annual contemporary documentaries showcase and we’re honored to be chosen as the opening night film, along with last year’s Oscar winner Man on Wire.

    It’s free so no excuses. We’ll see you there. And bring your friends.

    Wednesday, September 30th @ 7pm
    Linwood Dunn Theater
    1313 Vine Street
    Hollywood, CA 90028

    Kelli Scarr

    March 29th, 2009
    Jeremiah, Kelli and

    Jeremiah, Kelli and her son Liam @ The Bunker Studio

    Third in a series of posts from Jeremiah Zagar about In A Dream’s music.

    The first time I met our composer Kelli Scarr was with my friend Celia Ellenberg at a bar on the lower east side. I liked her even before I knew her name.

    “Can I buy you a drink,” I asked.
    “Sure” she replied  “but is that your wallet or a hacky sack?”
    “My mother got it for me” I whimpered.

    Kelli was making fun of me even before I knew her name and she continues to make fun of me today. She’s good at teasing me but she’s great at composing music.

    Kelli and I worked on the score for In A Dream for about a year straight. She was pregnant most of the time.  We worked at night at her apartment, with me sitting behind her while she played beautiful melodies.

    Kelli Scarr Composing

    Kelli Scarr Composing

    It wasn’t always easy though. Composing a subtle, effective and memorable score is one of the more tedious things about making films. The most important thing is to have the patience, talent and determination to do it and Kelli has that in spades.

    Eventually we remastered each of the songs with cello, piano and bass at The Bunker Studio in Brooklyn with engineer Aaron Nevezie. It was amazing watching the songs Kelli had envisioned come to life thanks to musicians Jason Domnarski, David Moltz, Justin Purtill, John Davis, Chris Hoffman & Dan Mintzer.

    Tonight Kelli will play at the Cinema Eye Honors. She’s nominated for best score and she’s up against some pretty heavy hitters including Nick Cave and Danny Elfman. Wish her luck. I think she deserves the statue.

    Kelli’s next album will be produced by Moby. Follow the progress at her blog. And here’s an outtake from the In A Dream recording sessions. A beautiful song that we just couldn’t fit into the film. Hope you enjoy.

    Jury Award for Best Documentary

    March 5th, 2009

    Salem Best of Fest

    In A Dream was awarded the jury prize last night for Best Documentary at the Salem Film Festival. From the press release:

    Zagar, who attended Emerson College, began shooting the film when he was 19 years old. Seven years later, it is a hauntingly beautiful glimpse at artistic genius and the toll it can take on the loved ones living within the art, as the family home is literally covered by azure blue tiles and mosaics.

    “The film offers viewers the rare opportunity to observe what makes a talented artist tick,” says Juror Jennifer Evans, Manager of Adult Public Programs at Peabody Essex Museum, “and to see what it means to live with someone so focused on his art. I found it inspiring and very well made. It probes into the essence of art, of madness, of family, sexuality and sexual abuse. The information isn’t forced on the viewer or manipulated for effect — it is just there. The film is honest, sometimes painfully so, and never tries to cover the most difficult truths.”

    “It is one of the best films about an artist that I have ever seen,” says Juror Kereth Cowe-Spigai, manager and film programmer at CinemaSalem. “It was beautifully shot and the editing was superb. If anything, the technical aspects put it over the top, as all our finalists were compelling stories.”

    The film is touring the festival circuit and dates are set for a theatrical release in the spring. For more information, visit http://www.inadreammovie.com

    A best of fest screening has been scheduled for this evening at 5:30pm.

    Salem, MA & Toronto

    February 24th, 2009

    Salem Film Festival

    In A Dream screens this Friday as part of the Mixed Greens year-round series, an off-shoot of the Planet in Focus Environmental Film Festival.

    It will be showing at the Gardiner Museum in Toronto.

    Mixed Greens Dates & Times:
    Friday, February 27th @ 6:45pm

    The film will also be screening this week and next at the Salem Film Festival in Salem, MA. Kristin D’Agostino from the Salem Gazette wrote about the film:
    When he first began shooting, Jeremiah Zagar, 27, intended to use his film camera as a means of getting to know his father Isaiah, famous in Philadelphia for creating breathtakingly unique mosaics on many of the city’s buildings.
    In the seven years it took to film “In a Dream,” Zagar got much more than he bargained for. The documentary, playing next week at the second annual Salem Film Fest, gives viewers an inside glimpse of Isaiah Zagar’s tortured mind, as his son uncovers secrets never before revealed to his family.

    Read the whole article.

    Salem Film Festival Dates & Times:
    Saturday, February 28th @ 9:30pm
    Wednesday, March 4th @ 7:45pm

    Buy Tickets!

    Artistic Vision

    February 20th, 2009

    In A Dream won the Artistic Vision award last night at the Big Sky Documentary Film Festival in Montana. The jury’s statement:

    We chose to award this film the Artistic Vision Award because of its seamless integration of style and content. Director Jeremiah Zagar’s cinematic artistry equals the stunning artwork created by his father, the primary subject of In A Dream.”

    An encore screening of the film has been added tonight at 7pm.